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In the Beginning God ... Which God?
How about the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, now Israel.
The God of the Hebrew Bible, and eventually the Greek addendum called the New Testament, has stood the slings and arrows of mockers for over 2000 years. The pinnacle of Biblical history is, of course, Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah, or Christ. Now the Bible is way more than history, its in reality HIS-Story! As a matter of fact, nothing in the Bible has ever been disproved! That’s right nothing! And you know what? Nothing will ever be.

Of course, not everything is provable, but skeptics will try until they have no more breath. We are now living in a so-called postmodern era.

Why post? Because it is denies the existence of any ultimate purpose, principles, or truths. It questions all former truths or evidence as questionable, including scientific truths which imply intelligent design or a Creator. The boundaries and principles of the Judeo-Christian narrative they reject outright. IT DOES NOT BELIEVE IN ANY ULTIMATE TRUTH. It basically says ‘Their Truth' is just as valid or more so when it comes to their worldview. Gender or marriage limitations are made-up constructs from their standpoint. The irony of the postmodern perspective is that, in placing all principles under the scrutiny of its skepticism, it must realize that even its own principles are not beyond questioning.​

My goal with my ministry is to help people survive and thrive in this insane culture war of Biblical Truth vs. pseudo knowledge, feelings, and reality. Through examining the Divine Biblical evidence that God thru history has supplied in abundance, I hope to inspire believers to fully realize the overwhelming TRUTH about their God given Faith.


In HIS Service, Brother Heeb

Buckle Up. 
​We're going on a first century historical,
cultural, biblical ride.
It could get bumpy.


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